Language Translator Free Application

Most helpful & easy tool to translate between different languages. It is an easy to use and also you can save & add regular sentences as favorites.

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We all love travelling and meet people from different countries to discuss on several matters. Sometimes we will find some difficulties in handling unknown languages. In such situations this application will help you to translate between the languages and become you free to move across world. Now you can exchange your words with any person and change your language as desire and requirement.

Main Features are:

  • Simple and attractive UI
  • will help you to explore and learn multiple languages
  • will help you to learn the pronunciation of multiple languages
  • You can swap between the languages
  • Default language is English.
  • You don't have to type the language always input the text using speech (Voice recognition)
  • Speech to text
  • Copy, Paste, Delete and Share Translated text
  • Listen to your translation & Share with any social media
  • Text to Speech

Catch World with the help of this special designed apps Language Translator / Language Changer

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